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Going forward into Our Fourth Century With
Faith in Our Future:

The Baptist Church in the Great Valley celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2011. As we did, we adopted the slogan "Faith in Our Future."

More than just a slogan, "Faith in Our Future" is our unwavering belief that the Baptist Church in the Great Valley will continue to be as strong and effective witness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the years ahead as it has been in the past.

When the Baptist Church in the Great Valley was founded, Benjamin Franklin was only five years old. George Washington would not be born for another 21 years. William Penn's battle for religious freedom had led to his founding of Pennsylvania less than 30 years before. Philadelphia counted about 3,000 souls, and the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had an estimated 20,000 population.

Today Tredyffrin Township, where the church is located, has more than 29,000 residents, and is part of the Greater Philadelphia area, the nation's fifth largest metropolitan area with an estimated 5.8 million residents. Virtually every external fact of life has changed since the small group of Welsh settlers founded our community of faith.

One may ask: what is faith? The Romans used the noun fides, or trust, and related it to their verb fidere, to trust. That definition hasn't changed through the ages. Webster defines faith as "firm belief in something for which there is no proof; complete confidence." For Christians, the most familiar definition is found in the 11th Chapter of Hebrews: "Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen," as rendered in a recent translation of the ancient Scriptures.

For members of the Baptist Church in the Great Valley, it is this Faith that has sustained the church for almost three centuries. To prepare for its fourth century and in continuation of this Faith, members of the congregation approved in May 2010 a Growth Vision modernization and expansion of the Scott Church School Building.

Throughout the years, God has provided for our growth. We believe that it is by our simple faith that God will continue to sustain and enrich our spiritual lives in the years and centuries ahead. That is faith at its best. That is Faith in Our Future.

300th Anniversary Events

The 300th Anniversary Committee planned and executed the following events:  

In addition, at our annual Christmas Dinner on December 19, 2010, debuted the 300th Anniversary Cookbook, Precious Heritage and a commemorative Christmas ornament. Both are still available for purchase.

We had a series of bulletin covers featuring historic pictures.