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Great Valley Women

The Great Valley Women's Group was started in the winter of 2011 by Lynn Weissgerber and a group of women in the church who felt the need for some fellowship and some opportunities for service. Currently, the group organizes lunches and dinners "out" on an occasional basis and mission support activities as the spirit moves us.  

In the past, the women organized an outing to Longwood Gardens, including a stop for a pizza dinner afterwards. They have organized trips to Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA.

The women are active in support of the Great Valley Food Closet and other mission initiatives of the church. In May 2014 at the primary election, they had a bake sale and raised several hundred dollars to fund their mission activities. They had a similar experience at the November election.  

All women of the church and community are more than welcome to join. Information on the next activity is available from Lynda in the church office at 610-688-5445.