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New Features

Family Friendly Balcony – A joint effort of the Boards of Trustees, Deacons and Christian Education has created an optional  “safe” space for parents and children to share in our worship service.  We believe this may be a welcoming place for someone wishing to nurse an infant or take a fidgeting child to move more freely at any time during a service.  We love families to join us for worship wherever they feel most comfortable in our Meeting House.


Schedule Changes - Each month, we’ll rotate lessons and activities for our children and youth as follows with chimer time each week!

   1st Sunday – Lesson (10:30 to 11:15); Chimers (11:15 to 11:40)

   2nd Sunday – Family Worship (10:30 to 10:50); Related Crafts (10:50 to 11:15)                                        Chimers (11:15 to 11:40)

   3rd Sunday- Lesson (10:30 to 11:15); Chimers (11:15 to 11:40)

   4th Sunday – Family Worship (10:30 to 10:50); Related Video (10:50 to 11:15);

                                    Chimers )11:15 to 11:40)


Programs in the Scott Building 

For Children

            The Lord Is My Shepherd – A Real Stress Buster! 

This comforting Psalm of David will be the focus of our fall program for our pre-school through elementary students.  Together we’ll explore its inspiration and meaning for them as they face the real and imagined challenges of life.

            Fun and Fellowship – Sundays 9:35 to 10:25 – Supervised play for children as parents  renew their spiritual wellness and beliefs.

For Adults and Tweens

             Reform- Examine your Beliefs – Sunday- 9:40 to 10:20 –Red Conf. Room

Explore your faith as we raise questions and discuss big ideas about the Bible, Jesus, prayer, the disciples, and more!  (Tweens will follow up with activities during lesson time.)  We’ll begin with Who wrote the Bible -  God or Humans?

Note:  All those who work with our children have the necessary clearances and certifications as required by Pennsylvania law.