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Frequently Asked Questions

Are American Baptists the same as Southern Baptists? If not, how do they differ?

Both branches emerged from the same historic trunk, but divided in 1845 over the issues of state's rights and the abolition of slavery as the country divided into opposing camps prior to the American Civil War. Both groups would say that the Bible is our guide for faith and conduct. Both would emphasize the need for an individual to make his or her own decision to follow Christ. At the present time the most significant differences would be our understanding of the role that women can play within the church and the conservative political leaning of the Southern Baptists. 

Do American Baptist churches ordain women as ministers?

Yes! We believe that God gifts people for service, without regard to their gender.  A significant portion of ABC ministers and missionaries are women, and women take active roles in church life from local ABC churches to the national organization.

Does your church baptize infants? 

No. Baptists subscribe to 'believers baptism'. We believe that each individual must accept the promises of God for themselves, and make their own decision to follow.  We do offer a ceremony of dedication and blessing for infants and children.

Do I have to be baptized to become a member? 

No.  We invite persons to join our fellowship through a profession of faith In Jesus Christ, a letter of transfer from another Christian church, or believer's baptismBeing baptized is a method of publicly bearing witness to what you believe. Many people find being baptized to be a very meaningful ritual, as symbolically we follow Jesus in his death and resurrection through the waters of baptism.  Becoming a member does not require being baptized if you have already been baptized. Some people have physical conditions that preclude their being baptized by immersion. The church is prepared to accept a statement of faith in the place of baptism, but baptism is encouraged.

Can couples who are not members of your church be married in the historic Meeting House?  Who should be contacted and what is the procedure?  What would be the charges?

Non-member weddings are permitted in the Meeting House but are limited in number and by the presence of Christian holidays and church events on the calendar.  Interested parties should contact the pastor or the church office at 610-688-5445 for availability and costs

Can a non-member be buried in your Cemetery?  Who should be contacted and what is the procedure?

Church CemeteryOur cemetery is open to all regardless of religious affiliation. Please contact Jim Mansfield,
610-254-9980 (office) or 610-688-3951 (home) regarding the details.