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Statement from Pastor Loring on Racial Justice

We stand in solidarity with protestors who are making their pain heard across the country, and we join together in prayerful remembrance for all those affected by the recent violence that we have all witnessed.  We confess that as a congregation made up primarily of members of the ethnic majority, we are often blind to the intimidation and abuse that is so often a part of the lives of those numbered in the minority.  We pray that God will not let us give way to despair, hopelessness, or indifference, and will instead help us rise up with courage and faith to be a part of the creative force in the world to fight evil, poverty, injustice, and prejudice.  
For those of you who want to examine the issue of racial justice and learn how best to talk about it, Philadelphia Baptist Association is recommending this website: Talking About Race – National Museum of African American History & Culture (Smithsonian). nmaahc.si.edu/learn/talking-about-race

What We Believe

As Christians, we believe that God loves all people and desires to forgive our mistakes of the past and to guide us into a more positive, productive, and purposeful life.  We believe that Jesus accurately reflected God's will and God's truth, and we strive to follow His example.  We believe that the church community offers opportunities to better understand God's desires, to build supportive friendships, and to share our talents, skills and faith with a hurting world. 

Mission Statement

Supported by historic Baptist principles such as: the integrity of each believer, the freedom of conscience, the autonomy of the local church; and the Scriptures, particularly the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth as revealed in the New Testament, The Baptist Church in the Great Valley shall have as its mission:

To provide an open expression of Christian worship for all sincere persons without regard to religious backgrounds or beliefs; to assist persons in the development of a Christian lifestyle consistent with our historic traditions; to maintain a program of religious education based upon the teachings of the Scriptures; to encourage our membership to join together in the spreading of the gospel to all nations, beginning with our own community; to develop a sense of community into which all persons will be welcome, and to offer opportunities in Christian Service to all of our members.