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Our Church Building and Grounds

Church Front DoorsOur Meeting House, constructed in 1805 of local Valley limestone, is an historic structure, adorned with a steeple containing a 628 pound bell and topped by a gold weather vane. The Meeting House is air-conditioned and has undergone major renovations in 1871, 1949, and 1970. Seating capacity is 200 people on the ground floor and 50 in the balcony.

The cemetery, which surrounds the Meeting House, reflects a great deal of history. The earliest burials are recorded in the 1720's. There are many stones in the cemetery which collectively present a lesson in the history of the Church and our country. It is also the burial place for veterans of all of this country's wars, and each grave is marked with an American flag.

A short walk through the cemetery from the Meeting House is The William Maxwell Scott Church School Building. This building contains meeting rooms, classrooms, a kitchen, offices and a large assembly hall with baptistery known as the Scott Room, The Scott Room has a high arched ceiling, many large windows, a hardwood floor, and a large fireplace. Many Fellowship events take place in this warm and comfortable room.