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The Tradition of Memorial Day at BCGV

Each Memorial Day BCGV remembers the men and women who have served their country in the Armed Forces.  Our cemetery is the burial place for veterans of all of our wars from the French and Indian to Vietnam (none yet from Iraq or Afghanistan).

Cemetery With FlagsIn a service in our cemetery following Memorial Day services, all veterans who gave their lives in defense of the United States are honored - those buried here and throughout the world or lost at sea.

This custom originated at the end of the Civil War.  Residents of the North, fearing what might happen to the graves of the Boys in Blue, convinced the Federal government to move bodies of soldiers north when families provided burial plots.  The others were to be left in the South.

The Grand Army of the Republic, from Norristown, came to this church and asked for a gift of lots to bury those who did not have and could not afford a family plot.  The church granted the land provided that the veterans group would conduct a memorial service here on the Sunday before each Memorial Day.

As the list of Civil War veterans grew shorter, the custom has been continued by area American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts until the present.  Additional lots have since been provided to assure a spot for veterans who are without a burial place.