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World Mission Offering

The WORLD MISSION OFFERING provides basic support for more than 130 American Baptist missionaries serving around the world with national partners and sharing the Good News of hope in Jesus Christ. These missionaries are expressing their faith through lives of service, demonstrating God's transforming love to a needy world.

This year International Ministries faces huge financial challenges. In order to keep all missionaries in the field, the WORLD MISSION OFFERING must continue to increase giving in its annual call to mission-minded Christians everywhere to respond to this financial need. We praise God for your past support but your help is urgently needed now.

What BCGV does

BCGV participates with Christians around the world in this annual fund drive.  

How you can serve

The World Mission Offering will be received during October each year at BCGV.  Attend during October to hear reports on mission work being done under the WMO aegis, and of course your gift is always welcome whatever the month.  You may support this work by sending a check to BCGV, Attn.: Financial Secretary, marking your check for WMO.