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Worship With Us

Hello. My name is John Loring.  I am very pleased to welcome you to our church's website.  As pastor of this wonderful and historic congregation,  I encourage you to take time to discover the wealth of information here about our church. 

John Smiling with YouthOur mission, our community outreach, our music and children's programs, our prayer groups, and, most of all, our warm and friendly people are devoted to sharing the good news of the Christian faith with you, and help your life to be enriched in every way.

After looking through our site, I  hope that you will attend one of our Sunday morning worship services so that I can personally meet you.

In the meantime, if you would like more information, or have any questions about The Baptist Church in the Great Valley, please call me at 610.688.5445, or email me at pastorjohn@bcgv.org May God bless you and your family.