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About Our Music

When restrictions on singing are finally lifted — probably the last Covid-19 risky behavior to be reinstated at church — we will once again sing the timeless hymns accompanied by Charlie Confer on our beloved pipe organ. In the meantime, we will sing through our masks or hum along. We’ll be sure to mix in some contemporary hymns as we look to the future.

The Choir members, under Charlie’s direction, hope to resume singing anthems and leading the congregation in hymns in the fall. Please consider adding your voice!

Music Director Charlie Confer Rehearses With Choir Member Cheri Christakis
Music Director Charlie Confer Rehearses With Choir Member Cheri Christakis

Above, our Music Director Charlie Confer rehearses with choir member Cheri Christakis.

Chellie On Bells
Church Choir Singing
Organist Charlie Confer
Bells On A Table With Sheet Music
Cheri Christakis Playing A Guitar And Singing With Two Men In The Church
Children Playing Ukuleles During Service

When we are meeting in-person again, we will resume our regular music program that includes:

Our adult choir meets Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and again on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. We are a small but enthusiastic group.

Our hand bell choir and ensembles play for special occasions and rehearse especially for those events. We welcome ringers of all levels of ability who wish to “ring” with us. We ring three octaves of Malmark hand bells.

Our children participate in a hand chime choir using two octaves of Malmark hand chimes. They rehearse during Sunday School with Michelle Finisdore, an accomplished hand bell ringer.

Click here to contact the church office about participating in our music program.

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