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Sunday Schedule: Live online service at 9:00 am (via Zoom), in-person service at 10:30 am

Saturday, April 16 was a sunny day on our beautiful grounds, a great day for an Easter Egg Hunt! About 70 people, children and their parents gathered with staff and teachers of the Sunday School to welcome the Easter Bunny and participate in our traditional event. Chellie Finisdore was the EggMaster as she has been for years. Pastor John Loring and Kim Loring were on hand to greet visitors. Debbie Tait, Joy Brown and Cheri Christakis organized the event. Chris Crafter, Jess and Samantha Leonard, David Tait, Tyler Dunn and Athena Christakis hid the eggs that Chuck Tait had so kindly stuffed with candy and surprises.

Although we had prepared more eggs than in past years, next year we will add to the approximately 300 eggs to accommodate growth in popularity of the event. Please join us next year when we will do it all again!

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