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Welsh Baptists, seeking to avoid persecution, travel many miles (up to 40 miles on foot) to meet in a beautiful, remote valley in western Wales called Rhydwilym.

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The first chapel is built in Rhydwilym, Wales. It still stands.

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Arriving in Tredyffrin Township, several Welsh Baptist families from Rhydwilym, Wales, begin to hold worship services in their homes. On April 22, the Baptist Church in the Great Valley is formed with the following 16 charter members: Rev. Hugh and…

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A 28 foot square log Meeting House is erected on land that is now the northwest section of the cemetery.

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A few families withdraw over difference of proper Sabbath Day and establish the Seventh Day Baptist Church at French Creek, Pennsylvania.

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A Baptist Church at Chester Springs, Pennsylvania is established.

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The Rev. David Jones is granted a leave of absence to join the Continental Army and serve as Chaplain to General "Mad" Anthony Wayne.

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During General Howe's march from Delaware to Philadelphia, British troops break into the Meeting House and Pastor's home stealing: "2 pewter dishes, 2 pewter pints, 1 diaper table cloth, 1 Bible of the British language, a change of raiment for…

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A Baptist Church in Lower Merion Township is established.

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Construction on the present Meeting House is started.

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